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Foampit or Airblob for trampoline park

A foampit is a well-known product in all kind of sport facilities.
The HAJUMP Airblob is a new item that can replace the foam bloc or foampit in your sportszone or trampoline park.
Easy maintenance, easy cleaning and easy installation!
Tumbling, jumps and landing : in all safety with our Airblob!

Foampit or Airblob ?

Our inflated blob or air mountain can replace the foam blocs in the foampit.
Our Airblob is designed with Airquee UK.
Several internals inside and a strong blower: The Airblob!

Why choose the Airblob?

Little by little the Airblob will find his place in sport centres, indoor trampoline park, tumbling clubs...
A foampit : cleaning is a serious and intensive job to do every month.
A Airblob : cleaning and disinfect it : ready to use!
For certification and control : every Airblob will be 100% cleaner that a foampit zone.

Also new : coated foam blocs in all colours

Attractive and easy to clean!
Coated foam blocs in all kind of colours available, this is also new for your trampoline parc.
No broken foam blocs, no risk that the kids eat little foam pieces...
Our coated foam blocs are water resistant and you can choose the colours when you order them.
It is very attractive with the nice colours, easy to clean as well but it is e expensive investment.
But : to have a very attractive foampit unit, this the best system for your foampit.

Feel free to ask more information about this system!
Coated foam blocs or Airblob, with HAJUMP you are sure to have only the best in your trampoline park.