20 december 2014 a new indoor trampolinepark opens in Holland.
We will install for this customer a big and unique adaptable main court zone.
Colour and style are chosen and will be used in all the next trampoline park zones that this customer will open in Holland.

Also, this location will be the sales office for HAJUMP NL, the owner of the trampoline park is our sales reprensative for Holland.

Because of the manufacture period we agreed the customer to keep the trampolinepark address secret just a little longer.

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Worldwide installing, since 14 years. You find our products in Belgium, France, Corsica,Italy and even in Middle East (Kuwait).

We do not offer very complex franchising contracts but a open and detailed transparent price offer!

This is not only one of the reasons why you should contact HAJUMP EU.
All our high quality products are made in Europe, amassing and attractive trampoline park products. Even our prices: contact us to know all about it.

Every HAJUMP product is certified:

  • TUV certication for safety, par land of destination
  • M2 fire retardant certificate
  • Spring test certificate ( springs made in Belgium)
  • Final safety TUV control after full installation on site

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