Trampoline Park Products

Regular trampoline


Regular trampolines
  • In or on the floor
  • One trampoline bed
  • Round or square
  • Safety pilars
  • Replacement parts
  • Highest quality


In or on the floor

A single trampoline can be installed in or on the floor. We choose to galvanize the steel for durability so it does not affect the quality.. even after many years.

Safety protections

A safe surface around the trampoline is a must for safety . We make them with high density mousse and 650gr/m² PVC
Inbouw trampoline

Safety flooring or walls

If you like an open trampoline you can choose for a safety zone around the trampoline with rubber tiling.

Choose the colour of your rubber tiling.

Properties of rubber tiles:

  • high fall-absorbing property
  • colored throughout the structure (unicolor) – prevents the effect of deformation and discoloration
  • resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions
  • The way of connecting panels increases their stability
  • non-slip, frost-resistant and water-permeable
  • They have a PZH certificate (hygiene)
  • durable, lasts a long time and hardly wears out
  • comply with the latest playground standard EN 1177
  • the product is manufactured according to approved procedures under strict TÜV quality control


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Movable trampolines
  • Built on trailer
  • Multiple beds
  • Retail and rent ready
  • Brand your trailer
  • Replacement parts
  • Also the highest quality

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Multiple bed trampolines
  • Built on the floor
  • 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 or 10 beds
  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Inspected on safety
  • Replacement parts
  • Again the highest quality

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Trampoline parks
  • For entire buildings
  • As big as your building
  • Startup assistance
  • Plans included
  • Creative parks
  • Durable trampolines

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