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Starting an indoor trampoline park

Mega Trampolines

Do you want to start an indoor trampoline park, full of mega trampolines? Here we help you a little further in your search. Starting an indoor trampoline park starts with the search for the suitable building in the right location. For your mega trampoline park we assist you with advice and action, from A to Z!

Inbouw trampoline

The right materials.

The metal frames and upright walls are accurately calculated and after receiving a correct strength calculation, the final fabrication starts. The technical drawings are offered to TUV for preference: for example, the design is worked out exactly according to the latest safety standard. When all our technical information is approved by TUV, we start manufacturing the trampoline zones. After complete finishing and assembly on location, TUV will carry out a full and thorough inspection on site, after which you will receive the final inspection certificates for all devices supplied and installed by us. All metal parts are calculated for strength. All PVC covers are made of 650gr/m PVC, class M2 fire retardant material. Mousse components and fillings are always high-density mousse. The pipe protections are UV resistant and M2 fire retardant material. You will receive certificates of the M2 certification and certificates TUV after inspection after delivery. A logbook and maintenance schedule are included with each setup. All on-site setups carry a serial number and an implant number per entire zone.

How do we work?

A project of this magnitude requires a lot of preparation and research. Hajump will prepare a transparent and extremely detailed quotation for you once we have received the following information:

  • Is there already a location: deliver a plan with the right dimensions
  • Make a provisional choice of the articles you want to place in the trampoline zone
  • Give us a budget estimate so we can respect your available budget
  • Is it a scanning request or do you already have concrete plans

Important when looking for a room where you want to open the zone is the height, the surface  and the assigned purpose of the building. These 3 points are extremely important when choosing the location. Of course, a good commercial location is a plus, but not a must, the attractive and sporty character of the location certainly attracts the necessary customers.

Marketing is very important to get your business known to the general public! We can help you with that as well.

Height: it is advisable to look for a building with a minimum height of 5.50 to 6.0 m

Surface: the surface depends on the choice of the appliances, although the minimum space of 1000 m² is a basic requirement.

Assigned destination: very important, an industrial area is not possible, recreational area is ideal. Deviating measures are possible, but these may differ from city to city.


Trampoline Park Products

Dunk & Foam Zones

Airblob Jumpzones

Dodgeball Zones

Slack Line Zones

Lets take a look to the
other Trampolines


Regular trampolines
  • In or on the floor
  • One trampoline bed
  • Round or square
  • Safety pilars
  • Replacement parts
  • Highest quality

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Movable trampolines
  • Built on trailer
  • Multiple beds
  • Retail and rent ready
  • Brand your trailer
  • Replacement parts
  • Also the highest quality

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Multiple bed trampolines
  • Built on the floor
  • 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 or 10 beds
  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Inspected on safety
  • Replacement parts
  • Again the highest quality

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