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trampoline Trailer


Movable trampolines
  • Built on trailer
  • Multiple beds
  • Retail and rent ready
  • Brand your trailer
  • Replacement parts
  • Also the highest quality



This is definitely a good investment for your rental business. The trampoline with automatic winch can be set up in 20 minutes, 1 person can do this! So you will start winning money from the moment of installation: personnel costs are minimal.

Your own brand

Hajump makes your trampoline trailer in the desired colors! 2 mats , 4 mats or 6 mats: we have it all ! You can have your trampoline produced in the colors of your choice! We are also familiar with a print, so you can fully develop the trampoline trailer in a theme. Our mobile trampolines are manufactured in-house and are made in our assembly hall in Belgium – Wevelgem.

Fully Custimizable

Request all information without obligation, we will send you all the information as soon as possible. Our mobile trampolines, eg a six-mat model, can be set up in 20 minutes. Thanks to the electric winch, 1 person can set up and fold this attraction. The standard winch, manual control is included in the cost. The automatic winch: heavy winch, battery and remote control = surcharge


The construction always starts with the 2-bed trampoline trailer. Our mobile trampolines can be expanded to a 6-bed arrangement. The construction is made and completely disassembled for the galvanization. After the assembly of all galvanized parts , the trampoline is “dressed”.


As menitoned before all steel parts are galvanised. Every part is available in stock for replacement and we only use the highest quality of materials. This way you can use your trampoline for years and years.
Inbouw trampoline
Inbouw trampoline
Inbouw trampoline
Inbouw trampoline

Not the trampoline you need?


Regular trampolines
  • In or on the floor
  • One trampoline bed
  • Round or square
  • Safety pilars
  • Replacement parts
  • Highest quality

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Multiple bed trampolines
  • Built on the floor
  • 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 or 10 beds
  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Inspected on safety
  • Replacement parts
  • Again the highest quality

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Trampoline parks
  • For entire buildings
  • As big as your building
  • Startup assistance
  • Plans included
  • Creative parks
  • Durable trampolines

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